For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.

For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.


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Be sure to complete your deposit for your 26 weeks savings challenge - details below.

Welcome to the spare change challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to give your savings or debt repayment a boost, even if it's just a small one. 

So how do you do the spare change challenge?

The goal is to find as much spare change (spare money) as you can this week and put the money you accumulate towards your money goals.

Below are some examples of things you can do over the next 7 days:

  1. Gather all the change in your wallet, car, kitchen, pockets etc
  2. Pack lunch to work every day
  3. Cook and eat dinner at home
  4. Skip the coffee shop and make your coffee at home or at work
  5. Challenge yourself to stay below your grocery budget and stick to your list
  6. Do your own hair and nails at home

Next, take the money you didn't spend and put in your savings account or make an extra payment towards debt or pay a outstanding bill.

You'll be surprised how much you save from doing this little challenge, especially because you are going to be making it a point to find spare money.

WK 7 - The spare change challenge.jpg

Your challenge this week is to use the downloadable worksheet on this page to come up with a list of ideas and track your spare change savings.

P.S. Don't forget to share your progress in the Facebook group!


It's week 7 of The 26 week savings challenge!

This week, your savings deposit amount is $27.00

(If you've been consistent with your deposits, this week's deposit will bring your balance to $105!)


  1. Make your transfer.
  2. Check off this week's amount on your savings challenge schedule.
  3. Share your progress in the Facebook group!

Note: This challenge will be on-going throughout this accountability program in addition to your other weekly challenges.