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If you've been following along with your weekly challenges, doing the exercises and completing your worksheets, at this point you should have:

  • Established a new money mindset

  • Identified your core money values

  • Improved or revamped your money habits

  • Determined where you stand financially

  • Prioritized your debt

  • Created your budget

  • Have a general understanding of investing

  • Have the right kind of insurance


You now have a solid plan in place for your finances and you are well equipped to begin building an amazing financial future.

It's important that you continue making progress with your finances, so set a reminder on your calendar to go over things at least once a month and make adjustment to your money plans as needed.

Your challenge this week is to review everything you've learnt over the last few weeks by going over the lessons and reviewing your worksheets.

Also be sure to set a reminder on your calendar for once a week or at least once a month to check-in on your finances!

Making it through the 26 weeks of this program is a HUGE accomplishment, you should be proud!

P.S. Don't forget to share your progress in the Facebook group and be sure to stay a part of the community AND don't forget to download your certificate below!


It's week 26 of The 26 week savings challenge!


This week, your savings deposit amount is $103.00

(If you've been consistent with your deposits, this week's final deposit will bring your balance to $1378!)


  1. Make your transfer.
  2. Check off this week's amount on your savings challenge schedule.
  3. Share your progress in the Facebook group
  4. Well done!

Note: This challenge will be on-going throughout this accountability program in addition to your other weekly challenges.

Click the image below to download your certificate!!

Feel free to share a screenshot in the Facebook group so we can celebrate with you!