For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.

For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.


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Be sure to complete your deposit for your 26 weeks savings challenge - details below.

This week we are going to be focusing on decluttering!

What does decluttering have to do with your finances you might be wondering? Well, a lot!

Decluttering is basically getting rid of the unnecessary to free up space, tidy up, get organized and help you take a physical assessment of how you've spent your money. You took the first step by organizing your finances in week 2 and now we are taking it a step further by having you take a look at your surroundings.


Having clutter or things that you don' t need or use around you takes up space and costs money to maintain. Even if you aren't actively spending money to maintain the things you don't use right now, you'll certainly be spending more money when you have to move them from one place to another especially if you have a lot of stuff.

Decluttering is one of those exercises where you kick up a lot of dust because not only are you getting rid of things you don't need or use, you are also taking an assessment of your past spending habits by looking at what you bought, why you bought it and whether or not the purchase was worth it. 

Doing this exercise is not to make you feel bad though, instead it can help you become more aware of your spending and influence your future spending decisions based on the assessment you have taken.


In addition, getting rid of stuff clears up space in your life and also in your mind - it's less to look at, less to worry about, less to clean and you can potentially earn some money by getting rid of all that stuff.

Your challenge this week is to use the downloadable checklist on this page to work on decluttering the different parts of your home and life over the next 7 days and also complete the post decluttering assessment also included as part of your download.

Tips to help you declutter:

  1. Don't try to do it all in one day, especially if you have a lot of stuff, you might get overwhelmed.
  2. Make it a fun experience, put on some music, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea.
  3. Create piles as you declutter so you can stay organized. For instance create: 
    • A pile for trash
    • A pile to donate or give away
    • A pile to think over (for no more than 24-48 hours)
    • A pile to sell
WK 12 - Decluttering.jpg


For items you mark as "to sell", consider the following outlets:

  1. Ebay.com, Craigslist.com - Everything from clothes to household items
  2. Tradesy.com, Poshmark.com - Clothing and accessories (bags, shoes. jewelry etc)
  3. Etsy.com - Handmade products, vintage items
  4. Your local consignment stores - Do a google search for consignment stores in your area. You can find a variety of consignment stores that carry different items to sell to.
  5. If you are not in the U.S., spend some time doing research to determine the best and most reliable avenues to sell your items.

In addition, be sure make a plan for any money you earn selling your items, you can put it towards your savings or debt repayment goals.

P.S. Don't forget to share your progress in the Facebook group!


It's week 12 of The 26 week savings challenge!

This week, your savings deposit amount is $47.00

(If you've been consistent with your deposits, this week's deposit will bring your balance to $300!)


  1. Make your transfer.
  2. Check off this week's amount on your savings challenge schedule.
  3. Share your progress in the Facebook group!

Note: This challenge will be on-going throughout this accountability program in addition to your other weekly challenges.