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Be sure to complete your deposit for your 26 weeks savings challenge - details below.

Your first weekly challenge is here and we are jumping right in with a No Spend Challenge!

What is the No Spend Challenge?

The no spend challenge is commitment based on a certain amount of time (in our case one week at a time) where you only spend money on necessities and nothing else.

We will be doing a no spend challenge in this program every 4th week for the next 6 months. Your goal is to get through as many days of the challenge as possible each time it comes around.

If you've never done a no spend challenge before, it might seem difficult but it really isn't. Just start with one day or two days and then challenge yourself to add on more days each time you do the challenge until you are able to go the full week.

For each successful no spend day, the rules are as follows:

  1. You can only spend money on necessities such as groceries, rent, gas, utilities etc (Essentials)
  2. You cannot spent money on eating out, clothes, movies, coffee, vending machines etc (Non-essentials)

By the way, each no-spend week you get has a fun extra credit challenge so be sure to check them all out as the week's go by!

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P.S. Don't forget to share your progress in the Facebook group!


Welcome to the 26 week savings challenge!

This challenge will be on-going throughout this accountability program in addition to your other weekly challenges.

So what is this 26 week savings challenge?

In this challenge, you will be saving an incremental amount of money each week for 26 weeks until you end up with the sum total of $1,378. 

Yup. You will be saving $1,378 in the next 6 months!

Ever heard of the 52 week savings challenge? Well, this is based on the same concept of saving money each week but it's different in the sense that it happens on an accelerated schedule.

If you have zero savings, struggle to save or just want to add an extra boost in your savings balance this challenge is a great way to accomplish that.

What to do with the money you save & common questions answered!

Some suggestions for the money you'll be saving:

  • Put it in your emergency fund
  • Use it to pay a lump sum towards your debt (e.g. your credit cards, student loans, car note etc)
  • Put it towards a goal e.g. a house down payment etc
  • Use it to start an IRA or an investment account

What if I already have a savings account where I save my money?

That's great and you'll be doing this in addition to what you already save. Remember, this is a challenge! You are going to be challenging yourself to put aside a little more in savings each week.

What if I don't get paid weekly?

If you don't get paid weekly you can still do this weekly challenge, you just need to play catch up each time you get paid. For example, if you get paid bi- weekly, you will need to transfer the savings amount for the last 2 weeks into your savings account. If you get paid monthly, you'll be transferring the savings amount for the last 4 or 5 weeks (depending on the month) into your savings account. Make sense?

What if I want to save more than $1,378?

Go for it! It's all about the challenge. You can transfer as much as you can each week or double the amounts on the schedule below!

Next Steps:

  1. Download and print out your 26 week savings challenge schedule and put it somewhere visible or somewhere that you reference often
    (Tip: You can create a binder specifically for this 6 month program)

  2. Open a designated bank account for this challenge. You can get $5 when you open a new account with my favorite bank here.
    (Tip: Skip the debit card and the checks)
  3. Make your first transfer: Your first transfer amount is $3.00

Once the transfers have been made, no touching!

P.S. Don't forget to share your progress in the Facebook group!

For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.

For a digital Google Drive version that you can edit online, click above.