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Welcome to this course on how to build a successful and profitable business! 

Building businesses is one of my favorite topics and I am thrilled that you've chosen to take this big and exciting next step in your life!

Not only can building a business increase your income, it can also exponentially increase how much you earn, which in turn can help you accelerate how quickly you accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams.

This has been my personal experience and while all the trial and error has been worth it, it's so much easier to do when you have a framework and guidelines on how to properly execute a successful business - that's where this course comes in.

Before you dive in, here's what you need to do to make the most of this course:


Whether you are a brand new business owner or have a tenured business, you'll gain tremendous value by reviewing the various sections within this course as there's probably something you can be doing differently or something you can improve upon.

From making sure you have you have the right prompts in place to engage with your customer from the first time they learn about your business, to creating and fine tuning your sales funnels to increasing your conversion of paying customers, there's always room for improvement.


Taking in all this great content is great but you want to ensure that you are actually implementing what you are learn. Your goal should be to implement, implement, implement!

Taking consistent action over time is how you build a successful business, so roll up those sleeves! Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day and neither is any successful business, take things step by step and stay focused. 


One key lesson I've learnt from running my own business is that you might not always get things right the first time - but if you keep trying, you WILL get it right eventually. It's all about testing out what you've implemented, getting feedback from your customers (and even your peers), making tweaks to the areas that need improvement and then testing things out again for more feedback.

The input you'll get from testing and customer feedback is invaluable and will help you build and incredible business that your customers love AND want to but from.

So how does this course work?

  • This course works as long as you work it.
  • I suggest setting a reminder on your calendar to access the lessons at least once a week. You'll also be getting reminder and check-in emails to motivate you as you complete the course.
  • Once you've completed each lesson, come in to our FB community and share your progress! Ask questions, engage with me and other members for encouragement and motivation, and very importantly, stay connected.
  • Be sure to check out the Clever Girl business resources section as there is a ton of really helpful content there to help you as you grow your business.

Some things to note:

  • Each lesson is accompanied by audio recordings and infographic depictions of the various concepts. 
  • There is also a workbook for you to download (or save digitally) in the course main menu to help you put what you'll be learning into practice. You'll be directed to what section of the workbook to use in the "take action" section for each applicable lesson. 


Let's get to work!


P.S. Be sure to join our Facebook Group to connect with other Clever Girl Entrepreneurs.