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You are officially in phase 2 of the academy and I am so excited to have you here!

Here's what you need to do to make the most of this next phase of your membership:

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Learning how to invest is a skill that you develop. You don't just want to know where to buy stocks or what stocks to buy, you also need to know how investing works, how it ties into your own personal economy and to your overall financial goals. The structure of the program will help you understand the big picture and also the fine details behind the scenes. I'm going to teach you step by step how to become "a well informed and good investor", not "a fly by the seat of their skirt" investor, so go with the flow :)

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Learn, take notes, complete your workbook, review things and then review things again. The goal is to get you comfortable with how investing works and confident about the investing decisions you make. Having a true understanding of how investing works will help you accomplish those two goals through this program.

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Learning about investing and putting what you've learnt into action requires effort and consistency on your part. You are not going to learn about get rich quick schemes here, you are here to learn how to create long term (and even generational wealth) for you and your loved ones, so make time, and commit to the journey. I highly recommend you put a personal reminder on your calendar so you don't forget to login to complete this program, and also so you don't forget to check-in with our Clever Girl Investors community.


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Think long term. It's important to understand that your investments in the stock market are not guaranteed and neither are they insured, as a result, investing in the stock market means you are assuming risk. However, by risk, I specifically mean calculated risk that you will be able to plan around - but again, you have to think long term. 

So how does phase 2 work?

  • The investing section of the academy is broken into lessons with a total of 17 lessons in all that you will receive once a week for the next 4+ months.
  • You can expect your first investing lesson to be made available in a week (7 days from the date you have access to this start here page) as usual, you will need to login to access each lesson.  

  • Once each week's lesson has been completed, come in to our investing community and share your progress! Ask questions, engage with me and other members for encouragement and motivation, and very importantly, stay connected.
  • Be sure to check out the investing resources section as there is a ton of really helpful content there to help you as you become a Clever Girl Investor.

A couple other things to note:

  • Each lesson is accompanied by audio recordings and infographic depictions of the various concepts. 
  • There is also a workbook for you to download (or save digitally) in the investing main menu to help you put what you'll be learning into practice. You'll be directed to what section of the workbook to use in the "take action" section for each applicable lesson. 


You ready? Let's get started!


P.S. Be sure to join our Investors Community HERE.