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- To purchase, stocks, funds and bonds.

Robo Advisors

- Platforms great for small amounts or beginners:

Full Brokerage Firms (+ Robo Advisory)


1. Many full service brokerages are now integrating robo advisory services into their platforms.
2. Robo advisors may not all offer access to purchase bonds but the full service brokers do.
3. You can also buy government bonds directly from the government at



Bankrate has some great online calculators. Here are a few to try out:

Calc XML also has some really great online calculators on paycheck and benefits, retirement savings, qualified plans, investment planning and so much more.

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The brokerages and robo-advisors listed above all offer reseach resources but some additional and very robust resources to help you do your research include:

These tools are all free and can help you compare  specific stocks, funds and bonds and have a detailed view of graphs and stats for each investment type

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