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Welcome to your first lesson of this investing 101 course.
In this first lesson we are going to go over why investing is so important.

Simply said, investing your money allows it to grow. 

If you’ve ever thought about retiring early into the lap of luxury, traveling the world, owning a beautiful home or even multiples homes, working at will, only whenever you want and more, then investing is how you get there. The truly rich get and stay rich through smart investing in the stock market, in real estate and in business (and these are 3 core ways to build wealth.) This course is going to focus specifically on how they do just that via investing in the stock market.


But what does investing really mean and how is it different from simply saving your money?

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- Saving your money:

Well saving money is saving what you earn by exchanging your time for money and spending less than you earn to free up funds that you can apply towards your goals and interests. In other words, you are only able to save as much as you can earn when you exchange your time for money.

- Investing your money:

While investing on the other hand is putting your money to work for you and allowing it to grow over time and exponentially - in other words, your money has the potential to grow far beyond what you are able to earn by exchanging your time for it.

We'll dive into exactly how in the next lesson.