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Yup! You are all done and officially a Clever Girl Investor!

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If you followed through with this course, you now understand:

  • What it means to invest, why you should and making sure you are ready 

  • The stock market and how your money grows

  • How to set clear goals and objectives

  • How to mitigate risk by determining the best investment types for you 

  • How to research and buy investments

  • How to properly balance your portfolio and calculate returns

  • How the economy affects your investments

  • Common investing mistakes to avoid


Next steps

Take some time to go back over areas of phase 1 and phase 2 of this program you need to review and be sure to go over your accountability worksheets and investing workbook!


P.S. Share your progress so far!

If you have a couple minutes, I'd love to know how the academy has helped you so far - Please share your savings progress and/or debt pay off progress here.

Your completion certificate

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