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My name is Bola, I'm the founder of Clever Girl Finance and I saved over $100,000 in a little over 3 years right after I graduated from college even though I wasn't making a six figure salary....and I did it all on my own.

Yup. I had zero handouts. Plus a mortgage, a car note and other life bills. 

Along the way I also managed to make my own money mistakes (don't we all?) but by staying consistent and by being accountable, I was able to stick with the process and I got to my first $100k in savings.

My why? 

My fear of being broke, knowing that no one can secure my financial future but me and the fact that I've seen way too many women stuck in bad situations (broke, in bad jobs, in bad relationships etc) due to the state of their finances.

Saving that $100k gave me options and set the stage for everything I do now including laying a solid financial foundation for my children and following my passion of helping women like you achieve financial success.

I believe in this program!
Cassandra Freeman


The progress that I have made so far is amazing! I have saved up over $10,000, caught up on my bills and I've even created my own wealth plan for my family based on what I've learned in the program. I will soon be saving up for my kids college. I enjoyed the program so much I purchased a membership for one of my friends - that's how much I believe in this program! It’s helped me figure out how to use my money correctly and with my money mindset so that I could understand why I was making the money choices that I was making. This program has truly transformed how I deal with and how I feel about money.


So let me ask you a few  questions that perhaps you may be able to relate to:

  • Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck or just barely breaking even each month or do you have all these financial goals you can't ever seem to accomplish?

  • Are you lacking the foundational support to become accountable, stay motivated and get the financial education you need to win with your money?

  • Wouldn't you rather get your finances to a place where you are not worrying all the time and can actually enjoy the money you work so hard for?

If you are feeling ANY of these things right now, you are in the right place - even if you've never really been that great with your money

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You have what it takes to become financially successful and this accountability program will help you get there. If I did it, so can you.

If you've ever wanted to:

  • Get your finances in order (for real this time)

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck

  • Pay off debt

  • Save money

  • Learn how to invest and build REAL wealth...

...then it's time for you to join this movement of women just like you who are turning their money stories around...big time!


Why? Because you work way too hard for your money for you to be broke or just breaking even all the time and you owe it to your future self to become financially secure.

Life Changing!!!
Jamella Stokes, MBA


The Clever Girl Finance Accountability Program has been life changing for me. It's given me the exact tools that I need to make a real impact in my finances. From the blog posts to the weekly challenges to the monthly book club readings to the weekly reminders in the group, it keeps me actively engaged in the direction I want my finances to go. I've tried other programs that just didn't measure up and left me confused and unsure of what to do next. With the CGF Accountability Program, I created my first budget and spending plan to tackle my debt and build real wealth. If you are looking for an accountability program this is it, you will not be disappointed. 


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This is a members only program that focuses on accountability to help you set and meet your financial goals, and empowers you to put your money to work for you.

It also includes an amazing community of like-minded women, supporting and cheering each other on as they work on accomplishing their money goals.

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The academy is broken into two phases and after you sign up, you will get access to:

  1. Weekly challenges for the first 6 months on planning, debt repayment, savings & investing basics to help you turn your finances around 

  2. Accountability check-ins and reminders to keep you motivated PLUS an accountability partner if you need one

  3. Worksheets for the challenges to help you take real action towards your goals (Printable & digital versions)

  4. Monthly live video coaching sessions with the group (and replay access) 

  5. The Clever Girl Finance monthly book club

  6. Access to our private Facebook community specifically for accountability - an epic community of women like you! 

  7.  Free bonuses!

  1. Weekly lessons on a deep dive into investing for the next 4.5 months after phase 1 completes,  including your setting investment objectives, researching and buying investments, mitigating risk, balancing your portfolio and more.

  2. The Clever Girl Investors Workbook to help you plan out your investing strategy (Printable & digital versions)

  3. Continued monthly live video coaching sessions with the group (and replay access) 

  4. Access to our private Facebook community of Clever Girl Investors

** Combined, you'll have live video coaching sessions with the group for 12 months!**

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This program is for Clever Girls who are:

  • Ready to adjust their money mindsets

  • Willing to invest the time to achieve the real change they desire (This is NOT a fluffy program, you'll be making REAL change)

  • Craving peace of mind about their financial outlook

  • Are based in the US (or willing to do the research for equivalent versions of tools and resources in their country)


This program is NOT for you if you are:

  • Looking to get rich overnight

  • Not willing to commit to the process, can't carve out the time or put in the necessary effort. 


Change your money story and start building REAL wealth!

Best Financial Accountability Program!


Bola makes this program and money topics so relatable. There is no judgement in our discussions. The books she has us read are transformational and life changing. She answers questions in a way that makes you say "Aha, that's it! I get it!". My finances are organized, I understand my money values, I have my budget and I'm saving like crazy. I found myself over-thinking money to-do's, she helped me overcome that with great advice. She helped me change my mindset about money. The Facebook group is so encouraging. You will not feel alone in your money issues, you will feel empowered. If you need help with your finances and money choices, this is the place to be!



For $25 a month you can:

  • Buy a couple cheap lunches you may not even like

  • Get 4 Venti Starbucks lattes - yummy while they last

  • Buy yet another hair product set that you don't really need

Or you can turn your finances around by deep diving into topics like:

  • Financial organization and your big picture

  • Goal setting around your values

  • Budgeting

  • Debt repayment strategies

  • Student loans

  • Saving strategies

  • Your credit

  • Investing

and so much more!  

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You can spend the next 12 months doing exactly what you are doing now or you can change your entire life. It's your choice!

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Exclusive access to:
eBooks - Excel workbooks - Expert webinar replays
on topics like investing, credit, student loans etc
& so much more!
(A $250 Value)

(*with full payment in advance or after completion of your payment plan)
You'll also get:

- Forever access to our accountability program community* 
- Access to the program content for 2 entire years*

That's 12 months of the program and 12 months to catch up or review and refresh when you need to. 
That also means you'll have access to any updates made to the program in that timeframe too!




Get started now!

Or split your payments into -

Awesome Program for Anyone
Michelle Simpson


This program is really awesome!! Even if you don't have a lot of free time daily or even weekly, you are able to work this program at your own pace. As long as you keep up with the main "actions" like making your deposits and working towards a mindset of "necessity" spending, you can go a long way. I've used spreadsheets and apps to make some of the "to do" items easier to manage. This program is definitely helping me to get on the right track towards handling my personal and business finances in a much more efficient way and the money that I'm saving - WOW!!



1. How do I know that this program will work for me?

  • The honest truth is that this program doesn't work unless you do. But as long as you are focused and ready to turn your finances around, this program can make a huge difference in changing your financial situation.

2. What if I'm in debt, will this program help me?

  • Absolutely. Ultimately, you want to get out of debt and become better at managing your money right? Well this program will guide you through that. The truth however, is that despite being in debt, many people still find the means to spend money on things they don't need that don't help improve their financial situation. So instead, why not consider this program an investment towards your financial success?

3. Why is this program split into two phases and why 12 months?

  • It's all about full immersion. Building wealth does not happen overnight. It takes time to master money concepts, change habits and become consistent. It also takes time for your money to grow. I consider the 26 week (6 months) timeframe of phase 1 of this program a good foundation to prepare your finances for the long term. Phase 2 (the next 4 months) is all about investing and you need to master your financial foundations in order to invest successfully for the long term.

4. When can I enroll? I'm ready to sign-up!

  • You can enroll anytime. Your program starts based on your enrollment date.

5. How long do I have access to the content?

  • With full payment in advance or after completion of your payment plan, you'll get:
    - Forever access to our accountability program community
    - Access to the program content for 2 entire years

  • That's 12 months of the program and 12 months to catch up or review and refresh when you need to. That also means you'll have access to any updates made to the program in that timeframe too! If you cancel in advance of completing your payment plan, you will lose access to the program content and community immediately.

6. How can I access the content? 

  • However you like! You can access it on your computer and on your mobile devices. The weekly challenge worksheets are both printable and digital. You can print the challenge pages out and create your own binders or you can save the digital versions to your Google Drive.

7. How do the weekly challenges & lessons work?

  • When you first enroll, you will have access to a preparation week and then every 7 days, starting from the date of your enrollment, a new challenge will be made available in your account. You'll need to login to your account to access your challenge but you will recieve a bi-weekly reminder.

8. Do I need to use Facebook? 

  • No, Facebook is not a requirement but is recommended. The Facebook group is for accountability and motivation and it's a great idea for you to join in.

  • The most important thing is that you make time to complete the weekly challenges. Sharing your updates and engaging in the Facebook group will help you stay accountable and motivated.

9. What if I live outside the US?

  • There are currently women in the program from different parts of the world including Canada and the UK. The content of the course is applicable to everyone, some content refers specifically to tools and options available in the US which you can easily research if you are outside the US, however if you have specific questions you can ask them in the private Facebook group. 

10. Is one-on-one coaching with Bola included as part of program fee?

  • One-on-one coaching is NOT included as part of the program fee but Bola is an active participant in the Facebook community and you will have access to her that way. You will however have access to our monthly live group video coaching calls as well as access to the replays. Details on how you can sign up for paid one on one coaching with Bola are available inside the academy.

11. How will I be billed?

  • You will be billed $25 once a month for 12 months ONLY based on your enrollment date or you can make a discounted one time payment of $250 and get two months free.

12. Do you offer refunds?

  • Yes! Send an email within the first 7 days asking to un-enroll and you will receive a full refund.  If you are cancelling your membership any time after 7 days, a refund for subscription fees already charged cannot be processed and you will immediately lose access to the program.

Get started now!

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Hi there! My name is Bola Onada Sokunbi and I'm the founder of Clever Girl Finance. I'm also a Certified Financial Educator (CFEI), money expert and influencer. Through the Clever Girl Finance platform, I empower women to take charge of their finances by providing them with financial guidance, tips and tools to help them pursue their dreams of financial independence. Now, I'm here to teach you how to be successful with your money. Let's get to work!


Questions? Send an email to [email protected]